Computer Lab

A degree in computer science prepares the student to participate, direct and benefit from the
advantages of the computer revolution already under way. The Department of Computer Science has

excellent lab facilities with all necessary equipment that allow the students to gain a sound practical
knowledge & live experience.
Zain Library
Our library is a sanctuary of knowledge, where the fragrance of aged pages mingles with whispers of
wisdoms. The college library is a vibrant nexus of learning and exploration, where the boundless
curiosity of young minds intertwines with the rich tapestry of human knowledge.
Our library has a pleasant inviting area. Comfortable seating areas invite readers to delve into the
realms of literature, science and so on. The librarian, a beacon of guidance and knowledge, navigates
the sea of information with ease, offering assistance and recommendations to eager minds. We
provides a computerized database of books in the library, the search and retrieval of books is much
Psychology Lab
Our college provides well-equipped, fully furnished psychology lab to the students to enhance
better tomorrow. Lab serves as a space for students to explore the principles and
methodologies of psychology through practical experimentation and observation.
Geography Lab
Our geography lab is equipped with maps, globes, geographic information systems, softwares and
other tools with eco-friendly environment.
Our canteen facilities offer a vibrant and diverse range of culinary options, ensuring that students have
access to nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day. From delicious meals to quick bites and
refreshing beverages, our canteen is a bustling hub where students can refuel and unwind between
Prayer hall
We understand the importance of spirituality and provides a fully furnished prayer hall to the students,
during the college hours.
Bus Point
We provide college bus services to Sreekandapuram, Irikkur, and Mattanur.